Collection: Miori Handicrafts


Through this collection in Collaboration with 'Miori Co.', we are glad to offer our esteemed customers some of the best handicrafts ever created in Japan. These products originate from the Japanese Cultural City itself, Kyoto, and are considered to be highly reflective of Japanese traditional handcraft excellence.

Miori is a company that "carefully leverages Japan traditional techniques while evolving them into new forms of expression, creating new values that have never been seen before, and transmitting them to the world." Through their activities, Miori hopes that the splendor of Japanese traditional techniques and skills will spread throughout the world, and that the creators who support them will become even more successful.

Miori's overseas activities include the production of trophies for the world championships of various sports, gifts for famous people, portraits for overseas VIPs, participation in charity events at international film festivals, and many other events for which they have received high praise.

Mio's products are made by proposing all kinds of traditional techniques to each other, including dyeing, making, weaving, sewing, and other production methods, fabric selection, and decorative specifications. Each of their products is created with the utmost care and attention, and will continue to shine as a gift for a loved one or as a unique treasure for everyone.

Miori is working together with traditional Japanese craftspeople from all over Japan. While utilizing traditional techniques such as Kyoto's Nishijin Ori (Nishijin weaving) and Kinsai-zaiku (Kinsai craft), Gunma's Kinran Ori (Kinran weaving), Tochigi's Washi (Japanese paper), Shizuoka's blown glass, etc., they deliver "anticipation with excitement" from the creators to you by incorporating new essences. Thus, Miori aims to continue developing their business with the cooperation of a variety of traditional craftspeople for the future.