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Cool Plates

Cool Plates

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Cool Plates

By freezing in the freezer, it can maintain a cold state for up to about one hour, making it ideal for fruits, cold dishes, desserts, and more. The design is a collaboration from the shape to the color, with glassblower Ruri Kurihara.

Diameter: S/11cm M/15cm L/20cm
Colors: Black - White
Designs: Drop - Unfinished Gold Foil - Unfinished - Elegant - Powder Snow
Please refer to the Price Table below to make your selection, each shape/size has a different price, which is shown below:
Important Note: The Price shown in the tables above does not include taxes (10%).
As for the Transportation fees, each unit comes with a ¥2000 fee.


Unfinished Gold Foil



Black Powder Snow

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