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京のマチカド tabigokoro-旅心-

Mio -Kimono Plates-

Mio -Kimono Plates-

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These plates bring a sense of elegance and charm to the dining table, crafted from kimono fabric by artisans using traditional techniques from various regions across the country, each skilled in different weaving and dyeing methods.

Cherry (Sakura) in full bloom - White Kimono -

This is a plate with a fresh green pattern woven using the white ceremonial fabric of Tango Ori, which is used for bridal attire, and adorned with a pattern of fully bloomed cherry blossoms. It is given as celebratory gifts.

Cherry (Sakura) Blossom Blizzard

Cherry flowers, designated as Japan's national flowers, are widely used in kimono fabric and cherished as being the most famous design. Through the process of Shigoki dyeing (an Edo Period Dyeing Technique), it creates various atmospheres or feels depending on the color palette used during the dyeing process.

Cherry (Sakura) in full glory

With origins from Gunma prefecture, this luxurious plate embodies the essence of Japan, featuring a cherry blossom motif dyed onto Kiryu City's particular Cherry pattern, a representative weave from Eastern Japan.

Mist - Hand-dyed -

This is the result of craftsmen delicately dyeing silk fabric by hand, color by color, producing brightly vibrant colored plates.
Please refer to the Price Table below to make your selection, each shape/size has a different price, which is shown below:
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As for the Transportation fees, each unit comes with a ¥2000 fee.

Spring in Full Bloom

Summer in Full Bloom


Refined Sakura (Cherry)

Maiden Sakura (Cherry)

Crimson Red Sakura (Cherry)

Sky-Blue Mist

Peach Mist

Bright Green Mist

Sea Mist

Sakura (Cherry) Full Blossom -Round-

Sakura (Cherry) Full Blossom -Square-

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