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京のマチカド tabigokoro-旅心-

Mio -Washi Plates-

Mio -Washi Plates-

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Handcrafted washi paper woven manually by the artist is entirely original, from dyeing the raw material, Kōzo which is a hybrid mulberry tree, to the hand paper-making process. It features the unique overlapping of woven fibers (from the Kōzo), expressing a glossy texture inherent to washi paper. These colorful handmade washi paper plates will add vibrancy to your dining table.


Due to the handcrafted nature of each plate using handmade washi paper, many color variations exist in each plate, such as gradients, mixed colors, multi-colors, and line patterns. It is a series that allows you to feel the unique personality of each plate.
You can choose from 10 colors and have your preferred pattern applied.
Light Yellow - Orange - Light Red - Red - Purple - Yellow Green - Light Blue - Blue - Deep Green - Black.
Please refer to the Price Table below to make your selection, each shape/size has a different price, which is shown below:

Important Note: The Price shown in the tables above does not include taxes (10%).
As for the Transportation fees, each unit comes with a ¥2000 fee.
Crimson Red
Indigo Wax Mist
Indigo Wax
Rape Seed Flowers
Yellowish Green Mist
Yellowish Green
Yellowish Green Gradation
Crimson Red Gradation
Rape Seed Flowers Gradation
Indigo Wax Gradation
Violet Gradation

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