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京のマチカド tabigokoro-旅心-

Kinran Small Plates & Placemats

Kinran Small Plates & Placemats

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Kinran Small Plates & Placemats

Utilizing the representative weaving styles of Japan, the Nishijin-ori (Nishijin Weaving) from Kyoto and the Kinran from Kiryu-ori (Kiryu Weaving) of Gunma Prefecture, we offer this lineup of small plates and placemats. Each pattern carries a delightful meaning, and using them as a set creates a coordinated table setting, providing a sense of unity in your table coordination.
Luncheon Mat Size: 32cm x 45cm
Kinran Small Plate Diameter: 11cm
Design: 13 Different Designs/Patterns
Each luncheon mat comes with a small Kinran Plate in the same design.
Please refer to the price list below when making your selection.
Important Note: The Price shown in the tables above does not include taxes (10%).
As for the Transportation fees, each unit comes with a ¥2000 fee.

Folded Green

Folded Blue

Folded Pink

Red Japanese Apricot Navy Blue

Red Japanese Apricot Peach Color

Flower Tortoise Shell

Purple Cherry

Big Petals Cherry

Large Waves Brocade

Kemari/Ball Cherry

Elegant Lattice Pattern

Flowing Gold Black

Flowing Gold Red

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