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京のマチカド tabigokoro-旅心-

Seven Gods of Good Fortune

Seven Gods of Good Fortune

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-Seven Gods of Good Fortune- (Sake Decanter & Cups)

The Seven Lucky Gods, or Seven Deities of Good Fortune, is a collective term for seven deities, including Ebisu and Daikokuten, long cherished in Japan. It is believed that by visiting temples and shrines dedicated to each of them, one can receive blessings such as longevity, prosperity in business, and other forms of good fortune.
This masterpiece from Okayama depicts the seven gods of fortune revered in India, China, and Japan. Each cup represents one of the seven gods of fortune: 
Note: Please note that we will notify the artisan collaborator directly after your order. As these items are rare handicrafts, It will take time to make the ordered items and to deliver them. We will keep in touch with you by email or phone to inform you of the delivery situation. Thank you for your understanding.
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