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京のマチカド tabigokoro-旅心-

Sake Cups & Decanters #9

Sake Cups & Decanters #9

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We offer Sake Cups and Decanters in the shapes shown in the illustration below:

Please refer to the shapes above to make your selection, each shape has a different price, which is shown below:

Important Note: Sold only in sets of 15 items.

As for the Transportation fees, Types 'A' and 'B' come with a ¥2000 fee per unit, whereas Types 'a', 'b', and 'c' come with a ¥1000 fee per unit.

31A01(Blue Pattern Decanter)

31a01(High/Long Sake Cup)
31A02 (Red Pattern Decanter)

31c01 (Red Pattern Sake Cup)

40A01 (Weeping Cherry)

40c01 (Cherry Blossom)

40A02 (Japanese Plum)

40a01 (Japanese Plum)
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