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京のマチカド tabigokoro-旅心-

Sake Cups & Decanters #3

Sake Cups & Decanters #3

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We offer Sake Cups and Decanters in the shapes shown in the illustration below:
Please refer to the shapes above to make your selection, each shape has a different price, which is shown below:
(In this case, you can find the forms 'H' and 'h' which represent special types of Sake Cups and Decanters. Please refer to the table below for any additional information.)

Important Note: Sold only in sets of 15 items.

As for the Transportation fees, Types 'A' and 'B' come with a ¥2000 fee per unit, whereas Types 'a', 'b', and 'c' come with a ¥1000 fee per unit.

05A01-05a01(Mishima Flower Ceramic)
05B01-05c01(Blue Pattern Ceramic)

05H01-05h01 (Sharpened Unglazed Ceramic)

05H02-05h02 (Kneaded Unglazed Ceramic)
05H02-05h02 (Sharply Kneaded Unglazed Ceramic)
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