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Orange Juice Directly from the source -Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture-

Orange Juice Directly from the source -Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture-

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We use low-pesticide "Ponkan Oranges" produced by local Uwajima City farmers to make "Ponkan Orange Juice".
We squeeze naturally grown oranges and turn them into additive-free orange juice.
Ponkan orange juice grown along the coast in Yoshida, Uwajima City in Ehime Prefecture!

This is a direct sale that you can't normally nor easily find. A sale done by supporting regional revitalization.

The price is a bit expensive.
However, we believe this Ponkan orange juice has a value that matches its price.
This year, there was a lot of snow, and oranges, which tend to not grow in cold weather, freeze when the temperature drops below a certain point.
Harvested oranges before freezing temperatures bring about the most delicious orange juice with concentrated sweetness and acidity.
Towards this year's end will be a year with a small harvest. We may not be able to make juice later on, so please try it if you can.
Shipping is not included. It is sold in glass bottles, 1200 yen per bottle (1 liter, tax included).
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