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京のマチカド tabigokoro-旅心-

Mask case made from Hinoki Cypress (Yuzen design)

Mask case made from Hinoki Cypress (Yuzen design)

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We've used Hinoki Cypress wood grown in Keihoku, Kyoto, to make postcards.
This is the first collaboration product of 'Kyoto Keihoku' & 'Yuzen.' We used Hinoki Cypress from the rich mountains to make these amazing postcards.
By pressing the center with your hand, you can use it as a coaster. When it gets a little wet, it emits the refreshing scent of Hinoki Cypress trees.

The design features a celebratory Yuzen pattern. It's perfect for a birthday gift or any celebratory occasion. You can write a message and attach a stamp to send it later. Please bear in mind that its weight is different from a regular postcard. Also, be careful when cutting out the round edge to avoid injuries.

Size: 24cm ✕ 16cm ✕ 2cm

Weight: 100g

The wood color does not change. You cannot choose the pattern color. It's mainly Dark Red.

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