Collection: Vegetable Sommelier Restaurant Togiya -Kiyamachi Oike-


The collaboration between a chef with 20 years of experience in Chinese cuisine at an established hotel and a vegetable Sommelier & Patissier has resulted in a delightful culinary experience. The vegetables, harvested at the last moment, are rich in flavor. Please savor the exquisite taste!

You can enjoy the 'Ginjo Sake Soup with a hint of Yuzu Aroma' and the signature dish 'White Miso & Soy Milk Hot Pot Stew' at Togiya Karasuma Sanjo (Japanese cuisine) by calling 075-256-5177.

The restaurant combines the charm of Kyoto's streets with a modern touch.


This is one of our recommended dishes from Togiya's Menu.


The White Miso & Soy Milk Hot Pot Stew, where you can savor the 'Umami' and sweetness of vegetables, is a pot that you will want to eat repeatedly after trying it just once. With four types of broth, two types of white miso, and the fragrance of Yuzu, this dish stimulates both your taste and olfactory senses. The domestically sourced beef is tender and free from any unwanted odor, making it highly appreciated. For those who cannot eat Beef Hot Pot Stew, you can also opt for a premium Pork substitute. Please try the renowned Kyoto-style White Miso & Soy Milk Hot Pot Stew.